This week I'm trying something new on Elderberry Tales - releasing just the first two chapters of a much longer story. I'll be sharing this book in 5 ...View Details

When a little bird with a broken wing seeks shelter in the forest, not all trees are willing to help.Written by Florence HolbrookImage by pasja1000 ...View Details

Are You My Dad?

When a tiny emperor penguin hatches in the Antarctic, she is surprised to find that her normally protective father is very lost! So the determined lit...View Details

A humorous tale about friendship and the gains from a finger of millet. This story gives us the opportunity to talk about "trickster" characters - nei...View Details

Dima and Owl

It is a time when only Owl has sun, water and fire, and life is very difficult for humans. Dima wants these things, and makes a plan to take them from...View Details

Alfi Blows Bubbles

Alfi enjoys blowing bubbles, and doesn't mind if the bees pop them. The bees hate the bubbles, and want to keep from getting splashed! But when Alfi g...View Details

Emma’s Gems

The moments Emma shares with Grandpa Phil are always filled with beautiful discoveries. That is because her grandfather knows so much. He even knows h...View Details

Tim is nervous about starting school. So he comes up with a VERY clever plan to bring his pet llama Lottie with him. But things don’t go exactly to ...View Details

For No Reason

For No Reason is an insightful tale about a better way to handle a bullying situation, following Jamie Higgins and a new boy in her class who keeps pi...View Details

A Whole Other Magic

A Whole Other Magic is the jubilant ballad of a rogue fairy godmother who pawns off her wand, her wings, and all her magical powers for a sackful of o...View Details

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